Henrik Thostrup Jensen

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Am Still Alive

Although I am not doing much to prove it.

I ran into Tomas a few weeks ago, and he mentioned my lack of blogging. We discussed how you never had the time to write something when one is busy, but have nothing to write about when one has the time. You can guess which mode I am in now :-).

But as Werner (clever guy) says: life is not a state machine, and something has going on. The last few months I've had a bad case of tendovaginitis (seneskedebet├Žndelse for the danish-minded people) in my right wrist. This is starting to clear up, and I am now doing Tai Chi here. It will still be a couple of months before I can resume Aikido, climbing and moutainbiking. I'm hoping to be able to bike to the university and back a few times a week in september.

I also went to Italy for two week summer school; I'll try to write up a post about that soon.

PS. The reason that there has been no moving-in-party is that my apartment still isn't completed.